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How It Works?
You can be a FREE member, play the lottos, and win in minutes! Money is out there for the taking ... so join a lotto club and win!!! We buy the tickets for your club, scan them into the computer, and display the scanned tickets for you to look at! We also post the winning numbers and payouts for each drawing your club participates in!   >> Click Here << to see how our Lotto Clubs work.

Join Our Powerball Club Now! Only $5!
Current Jackpot: 112 million
Join Our Mega Millions Club Now! Only $5!
Current Jackpot: 36 million
Join Our Florida Pick Six Club Now! Only $5!
Current Jackpot: 27 million
Join Our California SuperLotto Plus Club Now! Only $5!
Current Jackpot: 25 million

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Manage and Market your Own Lottery Club Store! For only $99 for the entire year, you will receive your own custom turn-key web site to promote and market lottery clubs to your friends, family, and co-workers. Be up and running in minutes! The best thing about your store is all you have to do is promote the site. We take care of everything else! Earn money based on your members joining and participating in Win Zillions™ lotto clubs!

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Win Zillions™ will waive the $99 for the first 5,000 lottery club members who sign up. Promotion ends Decmember 31, 2009.

4453 Lotto Club Stores have already signed up. Only 547 stores remaining for the special offer.

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John Swanson - Laguna Hills,CA   "I found SEVERAL clubs out there. Problem was, it was a 100 plus membership game or several dollars or more per ticket. Then I found this lottery club site. 30 chances for $5, FREE to join, there must be a catch. There isn't. After seeing the store features and seeing the opportunity, I bought a name and with Front Page built a 1 page web site ($5 a month). On this site I created a link to simply point to my store, I saw the opportunity since the store work was all done for me. It was soooooo easy to do. Now I have my very own web name and site to promote."

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